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Events & Workshops

Who says virtual workshops have to be boring?! I love giving my audience a good time while they are learning, why not have our cake and eat it too?

Upcoming Events

Learn how to design realistic prototypes in Adobe XD.

Date: June 17 @ 10 am PST
Cost: FREE

Intro to UX

Explore the decision-making process that dictates how users interact with digital products.

Date: June 19 @ 7 am PST
Cost: FREE

Adobe Live

I'll be hosting The Daily Creative Challenge on Adobe Live for 2 weeks!

Date: June 21 - July 2
Cost: FREE

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Recent Events

I've complete 40+ events in 2021 so far! Woohoo!
5/24/21 Intro to UX with General Assembly

5/19/21 The How and Why of Design Systems with FITC

5/12/21  Intro to User Research with General Assembly

5/11/21  How to Write a Killer Case Study with AIGA + Adobe XD

5/7/21   Design, Prototype & Share in XD with FITC

5/4/21   How to Ace the Whiteboard Challenge with AIGA + Adobe XD

4/27/21  Portfolio Do's and Don'ts with AIGA + Adobe XD

4/22/21  Landing Your First UX/UI Job with AIGA + Adobe XD

What Past Attendees Shared

Karen T.

“Elize is a fantastic teacher. Knows her stuff and has a clear teaching progression with no extraneous chatter but also hits that rare sweet spot of also being vivacious and genuine. It's such a crucial and elusive element for webinars and tutorials!”

@ 12/18 Customer journey event
Sonia Sillero

“I loved not only all the content but your energy as well! Thank you for such a boost of fun while learning a ton!"

@1/28 Design systems event
Serena Johnson

"I love how you take the scary things we have to do as designers, and with humor and relaxed grace, show us how to do it with style. Thank you forgiving us your best! I learned so much again. You are such a good teacher. I want to be like you when I grow up!

@ 2/2 whiteboard challenge event
Natasha Mislang

"Your enthusiasm and easy to follow videos are extremely helpful while I'm transitioning into product design. I appreciate you!"

@1/21 Design, share & prototype event